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nie sume point2 penting yg dr Sanah bg tau haritu,harap kite dpt share sesame:)

sorry klu ade yg terkurang

1)klu soalan about 'discuss' WAJIB ade formula

2)formation of carbamoyl phophate
utk soalan nie kite kene tulis 2 reaction,1st gune CPS1(in mitochondria,urea),2nd gune CPS2(in cytosol,pyrimidine)
kene tulis 2 reaction sbb soalan x specific utk urea or pyrimidine.

3)conversion of any intermediate in CAC
jwpn mesti ade structure, n kene tulis ATP produce in each reaction,just buat arrow kat tepi je

4)formation of fructose 1-6 biphosphate

5)formation of acyl coA in cytosol

6)Q: female patient with galactosemia can form lactose in their mammary gland.give reason
ans; galactosemia is due to deficiency of galactose 1-p uridyltrasferase,so, bile x cukup enzyme nie,UDP galactose cannot be produced,thus no formation of lactose,betol x?tp patient nie still can produce lactose,why??...sbb ade reversible reaction,using epimerase.
so,UDP galactose can be form from glucose,thus,lactose can be produced....korang tulis a sume formula die..:)

7)Q; patient with McArdle's disease are intolerance to exrcise....why??reason??

8)structure yg penting utk vitamins
-nicotinic acid
-vit A
-vit D (1,25 dihydroxycholecalciferol)
-vit B12

9)farmers who depend on maize as main dietary component always develop pellagra,give reason..

10)refer question jun 2010,sbb aritu dr discuss soaln tu

11) Q;favism
MUST give-favism due to......
- write the reaction catalysed by glucose 6 P dehydrogenase
-write prob in favism...haemolysis..

12) the antioxidant activity of redused glutathione in not affected in liver cell/ms cell of patient with favism,WHY??
ans: in favism there is deficiency of glucose 6 P dehydrogenase n NADPH+H,however nadph+h can be formed by other sources in nucleated cell,,isocitrate dehydrogenase n malate enzyme(both depend on mitochondria)...WRITE THE REACTION

13)homocystinuria...plz write the reaction n it is due to........

14)maple syrup urine disease......plz write the reaction,due's problem

15)formation of heme in glycine,..DIAGRAM pg 152 PENTINGGG!

16) in question about hormone and biological membrane,DIAGRAM IS STRICTLY NEEDED!!,even the question x mintk pon,kite mesti wat diagram jgk...

setakat nie,nie je la yg mira dpt kongsi,sory klu ade ape2 kesilapn....sory jgk sbb x dpt upload ape yg mira record aritu,mp3 x same format...:(

so,gud luck for biochem!!!MUMTAZ semue..insyaAllah:)

Posted by nur amirah Wednesday, June 22, 2011

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