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assalamualaikum kawan2.
sorry for the disturb.

just wants to share some knowledge that has given from Allah.

if the Q's given, enumarate the BLOOD SUPPLY Of PHARYNX, and we forget the points. relax, be cool. selawat is the most effective way to remember the point that we forget.

okay. first of all,
we have a branch from ECA, and we know that ECA gives LA, FA, and MA.
from ECA, LA, FA and MA the are several branches to pharynx

from ECA- from the medial aspect it gives ascd.pharnygeal a.
from LA- it gives dorsal lingual A.
from FA- it gives ascd.palatine A. and tonsilar A.(TA)
from MA- gives greater palatine a. , pharyngeal branches and A. of pterygoid canal.
if u forget this point, go back to the 3rd part of MA, we have piGPAs, so we take GPA or we forgot that point too?? hmm. just look for a while to our first point. Which is greater palatine a. we short form it to (GPA) and from that insyaAllah we know the last 2 point.

this is just to understanding the point.
in exam just write like this..

ext.carotid a.- ascd. pharyngeal A. and etc....

in exam doctors want to know that we know the point or not.
written Examination do not determine either we understand or not that topic, but how the doctor wants to know that we understand that topic??
the answer is from the oral examination.

so be smart in written examination. do not consume much of time for one point.
time management is the most important in exam.

in the names of Allah s.w.t, lets gives our best effort for the final examination in order that we a responsibilities in Ummah...

insyaAllah. there are other knowledge to share within us. i will posting soon.
may Allah bless us.

Posted by eyry Monday, June 6, 2011


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